Morphe Brushes 35W Palette: Swatches, Faves, and Nay’s.

YouTube is the home of all things  logo, from popular YouTubers like MannyMUA and Jaclyn Hill, all the way to Jeffree Star, it is seen everywhere. They are an affordable brand with products that are the best they can be for the price, from palettes with stunning neutrals to the ones with coppers and oranges, blues and pinks, Morphe has it all. Some shadows from this current palette I’m going to talk about are (in my opinion) worth about £5 each but are all bundled together into an AWESOME 35 pan flip lid palette.

The 35O Is a Palette I’ve been trying to get my hands on for months, and now with the recent releases of the 35OM and 35OS, I want it even more. The 35O Is the brand’s most popular eyeshadow palette and is definitely how they have become well known by the YouTube community. Today I’ll be looking at the 35W, A warm palette with a mixture of satins, mattes, shimmers, and borderline foils.


Straight off the bat I’m going to say that some shadows are INSANELY pigmented and some shadows are INSANELY ok (which is what I expected from a £15 palette). The lighter colours in the top row of the palette aren’t very pigmented at all and can only really be used as a base colour, they can be built up if used in the crease or the lid though. The top right shadow is one of my 5 favourite shadows in this palette though, I’ll talk more about those, and about the overall performance of the shadows, in a minute; but for now, let’s get on with the swatches.

I swatched each row vertically, not horizontallyhighest row on the right, leading down to the bottom row on the left.

Photo 08-05-2016, 18 41 13Photo 08-05-2016, 18 42 43Photo 08-05-2016, 18 44 08Photo 08-05-2016, 18 45 25Photo 08-05-2016, 18 46 42Photo 08-05-2016, 18 48 30Photo 08-05-2016, 18 50 09

Fave’s and Nay’s

Photo 08-05-2016, 18 52 37

These five shadows right here are what made the palette worth it for me, they are CRAZY pigmented and they blend like an absolute dream. They are the only shadows in the palette with the same consistency as the higher end palettes like ‘Too Faced’ and ‘Kat Von D’; that buttery, almost creamy feel is SPOT ON with these shadows. I am obsessed with coppers and orangey browns, and these are everything I wanted them to be. These are the reason I want the 35O Palette, and also the reason I think the 35W is worth the £15. The shimmery shade on the left is almost a foiled shadow as one swipe of the pan will put about 365 days worth of eyeshadow onto your lid. These shadows could be sold as £5 each on their own, and the fact Morphe puts them into a Palette with 30 other shadows that blend perfectly is perfection! Some aren’t as pigmented but with another swipe in the pan the colour pay off is more than enough. I forgot to mention too, the lighter shades (although they aren’t pigmented) set my Mac Paint Pot so well and help all of the other shadows blend together (and prevents creasing too)!


This, sadly, was the only shadow I couldn’t get along with.Photo 08-05-2016, 18 52 43

I tried so many times to get this shadow to blend and not become patchy or chalky but I just couldn’t. It is a black with micro-shimmer glitters within it and honestly, It felt like tiny little angry fairies poking my eyes with their little knife-wands. It was so scratchy on my eyelid and rubbing my finger in it to swatch it was uncomfortable; It’s almost like the only thing you can feel is the glitter and not the powder. The colour pay off was terrible too. You can see in the swatch that the start is ok but as it gets about half way it goes an off-grey colour and becomes patchy. You can’t even see the glitters either, they may as well not be there. However, saying all of this, the other matte black shadow in the palette blends seamlessly and without trouble; so I guess you still have a black in the palette, so it isn’t any trouble.


Overall I think Morphe are an excellent brand who produce good quality eyeshadows that blend easily, and have extremely good pigment, all for a small price. Minus the exception of that one shadow, all of them were absolutely great and I love this palette to bits for neutral/warm crease and lid colours. Not every shadow can be made the same as another, just like with any palette. Some in this palette were buttery/creamy and some were your regular powder eyeshadows. I will definitely be buying more palettes from Morphe in the future and I will 100% review the 350 when I manage to snag my hands on it.


One day.




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